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How to Adult Like a Boss

Adulting (or adulating if spell-check is on 😂) sucks! It can really be the worst. I recently watched a video on how generation Y is nostalgic.  Just looking at the Pokémon Go fad, I can see how true this really is. Practically everyone from age 23-28 is playing it. And they are absolutely obsessed. Unlike some (if… Continue reading How to Adult Like a Boss

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Real or Not? Generational Fears

Fear. One of my least favorite four letter words. There are a number of acronyms for FEAR. You’ve got False Expectations Appearing Real. Finding Excuses and Reasons. Face Everything and Rejoice (who the hell came up with that one? Seriously. Who did that?) Ideas like this are all good and dandy; but that’s not the… Continue reading Real or Not? Generational Fears