5 Ways to Bounce Back From An Insufficient Budget

This month has been a really bad month for our finances. I was so excited that we would be saving over $1,500 because of the five pay week month.

Sadly,we didn’t come near this amount at all.

Instead, my budget decided to run away with the spoon. No, really. Where in the world did all the spoons in my house disappear to? 

Saving up for a house is super difficult but I think we will make it. In my previous budgeting post, I really thought I had a hold on my budget and what I need to do. I think I’m going to have to reevaluate my sitation.

Some things held us up from saving as much money as we had hoped.

I had surgery. Pelvic pain is no joke. I was told by my primary doctor that the pain I was experiencing required me to go to the Emergency Room. So off I went.

They diagnosed me with pelvic pain. Oh, thanks. I didn’t know my pelvic area was in pain. Jerks! Any who, so I had to go see my gynecologist the next day. There was fluid in my abdomen. He suggested I have surgery on Monday (that was Friday).

Just a few weeks later I am doing much better and in minimal pain. Not perfect yet. My IC (interstitial cystitis) hates me, but I’m working on finding natural ways to not be in pain.

My husband was added to my insurance. Could this insurance company possibly charge me any more? When it was just me, I paid about $100 a month.

Then I became Employee + 1 Dependent when my son was born. Then came marriage. My plan bumped quickly to Employee + Family which is double what I paid for just me and my son. Here insurance company, take all my money. I didn’t need that anyway.  

Don’t get me wrong. I’m very grateful that I have insurance. My surgery would have been 30K without the insurance paying for almost 95% of my bill. It still ended up being a lot of money out of my check that wasn’t planned for.

We didn’t budget for baby needs. I know! How stupid could we be. Young Jedi definitly needs diapers and wipes, to say the very least. We also hadn’t realized that our normal  babysitter, his grandma on his dad’s side, was going to be away for 3+ weeks.

This definitely put a damper on our saving plan. I’m so grateful to have a family friend be able to watch my son on days his grandma can’t. She’s great with him, he loves her, and she doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Childcare can be so expensive! Sometimes it’s even as much as rent. I commend all you families that have to pay for it. Cheers to you.

So this was my crazy July. *Sigh*

So, how do you bounce back from a month like mine?

Five Ways to Bounce Back From an Insufficient Budget

Take a Deep Breath

Breathing does wonders for not only the body, but also the anxious mind. 

I deal with so much stress and anxiety that sometimes I forget to breathe. Deep breath in, deep breath out.

I went to a Fred Pryor Seminar last year. It was Management for Women. I had a great day at this seminar and didn’t feel so alone after leaving. 

During the training, the speaker gave us a great breathing tip for anxiety or nervousness. 

It goes like this:

  • Breathe in through your nose for 4 seconds
  • Hold breath for 4 seconds
  • Breathe out through your mouth for 4 seconds
  • Hold breath for 4 seconds
  • Repeat 4 times.

You should really try this. It is amazing!

Anxiety can be so crippling at times. Don’t let the anxiety from a bad month hold you back. 

Pick Yourself Back Up

You are sitting in the mud. Hands by your side. Crying. 

I’m right there with you! 

Get in your house, take a shower, and change into nice clean clothes.

Don’t go sit back in the mud. I’m serious.

It’s so easy to just sit in the mud and not do anything. You need to get back up. For you and whoever else might be effected by your financial choices. 

You can do this! I can too!

Reevaluate Your Spending

 Take a look at what went wrong last month and see if any of the following apply to you:

Did you spend too much in one area? 

Was there something unexpected that came up? Did your emergency fund cover these unexpected costs or did it take money from another area?

Is there something you can cut down on for next month? Maybe you can call your phone and/or cable company to see if they can lower your monthly bill.

Sometimes when I’m budgeting for a new month, I forget to look at last month’s budget for any pointers. This can help you avoid financial pains this month.

By reevaluating your spending, you can try to save more in the long run. This is a very important part of growing your budget to fit your lifestyle perfectly.

Follow Through

 Don’t let your fear or anxiety cripple you from doing what you need to do. 

I have had so many great ideas in my life. I’m sure you have too. 

What happens when you don’t follow through with those ideas/plans? 

  • The same mistakes happen again.
  • You forget about your plan and it does nothing for you.

Remember, this is for you. This budget is to help you. 

Why would we want to keep shooting ourselves in the foot when we can do something to win this race?

Try, Try Again

 Don’t give up hope. If this month doesn’t pan out the way you hope, try again. Learn from last month’s failures’ lessons. 

Having a solid budget is so beneficial. I love having that sense of control over something that is otherwise a mess.

 Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.

Eventually, we will figure it out. Together.

Well, it is back to square one for me. A new month. A new budget. New lessons learned. 

I plan on applying these principles to my budget this new month. Figures crossed that it works out the way I’m hoping it should.

Feel free to drop me a note in the comments below or contact me.

How was your month? Did your budget go according to plan? What worked for you? What didn’t?


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